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WE are near Chiang Mai city too

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OUR HOME IS OPEN TO THE VEGAN Travellers & their families – yes we are child friendly.  

Email: pcw-malandlee (at) iinet (dot) net (dot) au - You know where to put the @ and the dots – don't you?
Sorry for the convoluted email protocol - the people that trawl for email addresses are to blame.
*****Please email for availability*****

We are here to cater for those that are vegans and to a lesser extent vegetarian.

There are those Vegans/vegetarians that wish to experience what living in a traditional Thai village is like, to this end we have a VEGAN homestay.

NOTE: Our village would be very, VERY boring for those that like cities, nightlife, restaurants, clubs, pubs, bars, etc.. We are MANY "kilometres" from "anywhere" that may have a “western” equivalent of “nightlife”. PLUS, we don’t drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes (Smoking outside OK, Drinking alcohol perfectly fine). BOTTOM LINE: If you love to party, it is almost certain this place is not for you! We want you to be happy, therefore, you would be MUCH better seeking a more compatible homestay option.


They want to experience the “genuine” day to day life of ordinary people, real life events in those places they travel to. Our village is fashioned after most Northern “Lana” Villages, WAY different than Issan villages or villages in the south of Thailand. In this village, our neighbours are “Yong” people, some are ethnic Thai and there is a sprinkling of other tribes. The 7 major hill tribes within Thailand are the Akha, Lahu, Karen, Hmong/Miao, Mien/Yao, Lisu, Palaung each with a distinct language and culture.

We live in a harmonious society, theft is unknown to us and many villagers say it does not exist for them also. It is quiet, no barking dogs, but roosters in the early morning and a chorus of wildlife. There always seems to be an “event” or a celebration of some type. The Monks are traditional and walk past our home every second morning, except Buddhist day, an ancient tradition. Village Markets and The HUGE Lamphun Friday night market(s) are fun, often with Thai Style Buskers and street theatre, school shows, street food (Even vegans can find something :-)) etc, etc.. We often shop at the fruit and vegetable market, it has a HUGE variety of fruit & veggies. There is history here, museums, temples and so much more… BUT, it is not designed with tourists in mind, it is Thailand, the way the Thais like it :-)

NUMBERS: Preference is for two people but it can be up to three, with sufficient notice. We only have a small home, so there is not much room. If we put three beds in your room, they “Just Fit” there is little space, beyond that. PLEASE NOTE THIS WHEN ASKING.


  1. Two “home cooked- THAI STYLE” meals per day; Breakfast & Dinner INCLUDED. (NO discounts for meals you choose not to eat).

  2. We bake our own bread(s) We will bake no more than two 1.2 Kilogram loaves of Wholegrain Or Light Rye bread (White on request) PER WEEK. The ingredient costs prohibit further baking.

  3. AT EXTRA COST: We will bake a loaf (1.2 KG) Wholemeal, Light Rye, Multi-grain, 50/50 wholegrain OR white @$5.00 per loaf. We use the finest ingredients, Australian Flour(s) French Yeast, Rock Salt, Dark minimally processed, cane sugar, extra virgin olive oil – plus various quality spices. We have never baked sweet-bread.

  4. FREE Drinking water. Harvested from the village “drinking water” dispenser OR village water merchant. INCLUDED

  5. We feed the Monks as they walk past our home every second morning, except Buddhist days. You are free to join us in this ancient tradition. (We supply the rice) INCLUDED

  6. Automatic washing machine available. INCLUDED. Washing/powder liquid.

  7. FREE 24/7 internet. INCLUDED

  8. We have two Bicycles, you can use for FREE. Helmets are also available FREE also. INCLUDED

  9. You can accompany us on any of our “random” shopping trips, INCLUDED


We are a low price, **Full Participation” homestay. *FULL participation means you are expected to chip in with the chores, washing dishes, chopping veggies, sweeping, cleaning etc. It is not possible to pack this experience with so much value, without your help. After all, a Person is paying LESS THAN $US22.00 per day – we are clearly not trying to become millionaires.

  1. Your own LOCKABLE bedroom, with two single beds and a clothes rack. Full insect screening and curtains, makes this a cosy private hideaway. Dec to Feb can get cold at times, particularly January, your beds have blankets – you will find the home does not need heating.

  2. ฿750 per day (About $US21.50) PER PERSON in your own lockable private bedroom. Plus extra people as bellow.

  3. ฿990 (About 28.50) per day for a Single Person.(Occupying the room ALONE)

  4. One Child under 3 FREE

  5. 3 - 12yrs ฿200 per day

  6. One Child 12 -18 ฿350 per day.

  7. Larger families, please email – we are VERY family friendly.

  8. If you want to stay, please email us with your FIRM dates.


SIGHTSEEING, TOURS, etc.. In this area we can be proactive. If there is a venue you have heard of or want to go to, we can be your chauffeur.

PICK UP: (Prices are per car NOT per person) 3 persons max. NOTE: Large amounts of luggage and 3 adults could present a problem.

We have no other pick up points, over 50 visitors has taught us that we cannot find guest houses, we definitely cannot pick up from the street. So we ask you to make your way to the railway station (Preferred) OR if you are arriving by aeroplane we can pick you up from the OUTSIDESmoking Area” of the international arrivals. We are NOT allowed into the airport any more, so the designated “Meeting Point” is a misnomer. Note It is about 100 metre walk from DOMESTIC arrivals to the international outside smoking area.



The home we live in is “Thai Style” and about 20 years old. INSIDE: It consists of Lounge room, Two bedrooms, separate (warm) shower AND the all important, sit down toilet. OUTSIDE: Like the vast majority of Thai homes, it has a “Thai style” outside kitchen and outside sitting area. We will do our best to make you comfortable, but, please do not expect western comforts, because there are none whatsoever. VERY occasionally the electricity goes out, sometimes the water is cut off, the Internet goes down, etc.. It is a typical “Lana” style northern village.


Lee is Thai and Mal is an Australian. More about us can be seen on our private, non commercial website, which can be found here: We are non smokers and non drinkers (of alcohol), but, not wowser's, if you need to smoke, there are VERY nice places to sit in the garden, around the house. If you want to drink alcohol, we do not mind one little bit :-)


No drugs are used in this home, legal or otherwise. (we neither drink alcohol nor smoke tobacco, but you may smoke outside if you wish). However, if you need to use illegal drugs, or you are abusing prescription drugs, we have no capacity to cope with your addictions – we wish you well in rehabilitating yourself. 

Social drinking of alcohol is absolutely, perfectly fine. (BYO)

▓▒░Warmest Regards - Mal and Lee ░▒▓


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